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Success Story Of St. Francis

Admin 13 May 2019 Views 603
St. francis is one of the best institutes in the society for students. It is a perfect blend of studies, sports and fun. St. francis helps its students shaping their overall personality.
The Toppers of St. francis are:

Rishabh Agarwal – 98.4%

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Tulika Chandra
Father’s Name : Mr. Rajiv Agarwal
The key to scoring in board exam is not someone else’s work, it is basically based on our self study because on class 10th level no subjects  is very much conceptual to understand, it is mostly rote memorization. So it is mostly self study, 90% self study and 10% are the concepts. Basically it all burns down to how much time you put in with your books and that’s my way to score and obviously support from the family is needed for succeeding in these exams. At the time of pre boards and the follow up to the board exams, till that time it is very stressful as it is the first time we were facing the board exams so it’s quite stressful and support of family is needed. Our school has also been very helpful, it has a well planned curriculum and pre boards. Because of pre boards you get to prepare in exam like environment. It is very good because we get to revise the whole syllabus and you are in a similar situation as of the ICSE exam, so we had 2 pre board and quite well planned curriculum and the syllabus was finished on time so it was quite helpful. Tips that I would like to offer to the next batch students is that self study is the most important thing and every day regular study is the key to success because there are some things that you can not possibly learn in a day before exam. Its all about regular studies and day to day work. As if for now I am aspiring to become a doctor and in the field of doctor specifically surgeon. Surgery is something that has been my interest since my childhood and both my parents are into the medical field, my entire family is in medical field. All of them have inspired me since childhood and been my passion since then and now so I want to pursue it. Thankyou.

Prashant Mani Shukla 98%

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Mamta Shukla
Father’s Name : Mr. Rajesh Shukla
I am very grateful to everyone who has helped me and supported me throughout the year. Firstly I would like to thank my parents for their constant support. From the beginning of the year my sister helped me with shakespeare, merchant of venice and then towards the end of the year my brother helped with question papers, he asked me multiple questions for enhancing my preparation. I Would like to mention special thanks to my tuition teacher he has taught me since class 6th and he finished my entire maths course till july and that was very helpful for me as I was able to revise all topics multiple times to strengthen my concepts. Secondly I would like to thank my school teachers who have also helped me and supported me a lot. I want to thank my chemistry ma’am (Agarwal ma’am) and my class teacher Bhargav Sir they were very supportive throughout the year. I believe that the work environment is very important in our future and we should have peace in mind as well with the work that we do. I have heard a lot of it in google, so I want to join google at a high position and for it first I’ll have to get a tech degree. According to my strategy the last three months before the exam are the most important one. In the last month I didn’t studied anything new, all I did was to practice previous 10 years question papers thoroughly. If we read the same thing again and again it’s retention may not be that good but if we practice same thing via test it retains in our minds always. For all the students who will next appear in boards, I just want to say them, focus on hindi and English subjects as well cause there are a lot of changes in these subjects in the coming year so focus on all subjects equally. Most of the syllabus is covered in 8th standard as all basic concepts start from 8th. So for all the students preparing for next year boards focus on basics and everything will be great. Thankyou.

Mohd. Minhal Mirza – 97.4%

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Soorjahn
Father’s Name : Mohd. Iqbal Mirza
Thankyou schoolastro for giving me this opportunity, firstly I would like to thank my tuition sir he has helped me very much, it’s all cause of him I was able to score good marks in mathematics. Secondly I would like to thank my school teachers especially Mrs. A Agarwal ma’am and Mr. K. Nair sir for their help and support. I had a very simple strategy for preparation, I revised every topic that was taught in school the very same day. Constant revision helps in clearing even smallest of doubts. For all those students who will next appear in boards I would only say be confident and never give up. I want to join the field of medical and become a neurosurgeon. Thankyou

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