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Seventh Day Adventist Senior Secondary School
Admin 29 Jul 2018 Views 1399


Zikra Waseem - 83.7% 

Mother's name : Mrs. Shadma Yasmeen

Father's name : Mohd. Waseem

Firstly I would like to say that I wasn't be able to follow my own plans to study as I had to go to coaching and do self study which took a lot of my time. I used to study the theory part in the morning and the practical portion at night which helped me in balancing my studies. I am not very satisfied with my percentage, as going to the coaching took a lot of my time which hampered my studies. According to me, I think regarding Board examinations you should not consider any coaching and should be dependent only on your teachers and on your own self study. A coaching is only required when you prepare for a competitive examination not for your schooling. It only takes your time and reduces the number of hours. In that you can do self study and gain more percentage. Board syllabus is quite easy and can be prepared with the help of NCERT books itself. Whatever I have achieved is all because of my teachers and I would like to give the credit of my success to my school teachers, my Physics teacher Mr. Zakauddin Ahmad sir, he is very hard working and helped us a lot, my chemistry teacher Ammar Sir, he is a very selfless person and tried to complete our syllabus in a very short period of time and gave enough revision so that things could be cleared in our mind. I want to thank our maths teacher Mr. Vinod Kumar Yadhuvanshi sir he supported us a lot, he gave us a very deep knowledge of mathematics. In my family I want to give the credit of my success to my parents, my mother never allowed me to do any household work and always said to study, that is the only important thing that I needed to do. My mother was very helpful and supportive and my father encouraged me and motivated me to perform well. He is also a teacher. My aim is to become a mechanical engineer. This is my dream to become an engineer. I will prepare my best and become an engineer.


Utkarsh Rastogi - 87% 

Mother's name : Mrs. Shachi Rastogi

Father's name : Mr Suresh Kumar

Firstly my strategy for examination was to study each and every concepts with its depth knowledge so that I could understand the topic to its Core and secondly I believe while studying you should make competitors so that you can have competition which can boost you to study more and perform even better every time, without competition you cannot perform to your optimum level. I believe that one should study each and every chapter with its full knowledge and should have full command over it. If your concepts are completely clear it will definitely help you to crack  IIT JEE and other examinations as well. I want to thank my teachers who helped me a lot in my boards preparation. I want to thank my math teacher Mr. Vinod Kumar Yaduvanshi, he was so dedicated to teach us that he didn't even bothered about the weather conditions like rain and came to class to teach us and he taught us 3 to 4 hours and Mr. Zakauddin Ahmad sir, he taught us physics and gave us the most perfect notes which were well enough for us to score above 90%.He finished his syllabus in mid september so that one can prepare and revise many times before appearing in boards. Selvi ma’am our english teacher, she told us about the pattern of examination and how to prepare for it to gain extra marks. Amaar Sir our chemistry teacher, it's because of his teachings that I got 87% marks in chemistry. He joined the school in the mid session but he put his best efforts on us to gain good marks and complete the syllabus on time. In my family I want to thank my father and mother. My father has helped me in every situation whether I was depressed or I was sad, he always motivated me, encouraged me and helped me to cope up with every situation and gave me guidelines on how to study and be focused without taking any pressure of studies. My mother always motivated me. I want to become a computer science engineer. I want to make India more smart, as Japan and China are progressing. I want to bring that same progress in India in the field of Electronics. A lot of Electronics and other digital products are being imported from China and I want that to be stopped and everything should be manufactured here in India only, and I want to help India in achieving this goal. I want to stop all sort of hacking by providing a security which can stop cyber crime and ultimately lead in the progress of India.


Sanjana Sarkar - 85% 

Mother's name : Mrs Sujata Sarkar

Father's name : Mr Sanjay Sarkar

I am very grateful to the school for providing us such a healthy studying environment and facilities in our school which helped us in performing well and I am really very thankful to my parents for providing me each and everything so that I could study hard and achieve good marks. I have expected more marks but I am satisfied with 85% at least I have tried. I want to give the credit of my success to all the teachers, they have done a very good job and helped me, encouraged me, inspired me to go through all the hardships and study hard. I cannot thank any particular teacher because all my teachers have been very helpful and have motivated me to perform well. I want to thank everyone in my family, they provided me perfect environment to study hard and they never disturbed me during my studies and provided me every necessity that I needed to study comfortably. My aim is to become a doctor so that I can help the needy people who cannot go to expensive hospitals I want to help them.


Amaan Saquib - 83% 

Mother's name : Mrs. Maryam

Father's name : Mr. Shafiq Ahmad

I am very thankful to my principal and my teachers who have taught me so well that I have been able to score such good marks. I would especially like to thank my science teachers Mr. Zakuddin Ahmad sir our physics teacher and Mr. Amaar Shamsi sir our chemistry teacher they have helped me very much so that I could improve my score and gain good marks in boards. I want to thank my parents they provided me all the facilities so that I can achieve my goals in life.They provided me all the support that I needed, they even send me to good coaching institutes which helped me in practicing more and more and score good marks. My strategy was mainly to work on weak subjects first and then revise. But never forget to revise your strong subjects otherwise you will forget them too, so there should be a strategic time table so that every subject gets equal timeMy aim is to crack IIT. I want to become a computer science engineer. I want to excel in the field of computer software’s and application’s so that I can help my country in keeping the online websites and computer systems safe from being hacked and help in the development of our country.