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Pioneer Montessori Inter College 1
Admin 18 May 2018 Views 3423

Pioneer Montessori Inter College is a blend of both good education and enthusiasm. It is one of the best UP Board institutions in lucknow. Toppers of Pioneer Montessori Inter College are:

Tanya Agarwal- 80.83%

Father’s name- Mr. Ajay Agarwal

Mother's name- Mrs. Laxmi Agarwal

The biggest contribution in my score is of my school. First of all I would like to thank my class teacher Arvind Jaiswal sir (maths teacher). He really helped me a lot, he answered all my doubts and questions. Secondly I want to thank my hindi teacher Mrs. M Kaur and my english teacher Iti ma’am. I got highest marks in hindi and english because of them. Our principal Savita ma’am, she is so nice. Whenever there was any free period she used to put extra classes of teachers of the subject which was much needed by the student. She has always been very cooperative. In my family, my brother cooperated with me a lot. I have studied without any tuition and I owe my success to my brother and my mother. During examinations my mother used to sit with me and teach me. Above all main contribution is of my father. Being a girl there were no restrictions. I am blessed to be a part of such a family where girls are given equal rights. I also want to thank my friends especially Chanchal. She is my best friend and she helped me very much in studies and my other friends Harshita, Sagarika, Nancy they all helped me in studies. My aim is to become a news reader. I watch news channels regularly and always get inspired by the anchors. I strongly believe that I have the qualities of being a great news reader. In graduation I want to opt for b.com and from second year I’ll start preparing for news reader. I will also do GST then CCC, so that I can also learn about maintaining account. If it all worked according to the plan then it will be well and good, but if not then i'll go for banking.

Priya Kumari-89.67%

Father's name- Mr. Rajkumar

Mother's name- Maya

I am very thankful to my Physics teacher Himanshi ma'am and Hindi teacher Deepti ma’am. In my family, I want to thank my ravi mama. It's only because of him that I have been able to do so good in school, as my parents are illiterate.No one in my family has gone this high level before. I never opted for any coaching. I only preferred self study and for all my queries my teachers helped me and took extra classes whenever I needed it. My aim is to become a CA. As there were only two options Science and Commerce so I opted for Commerce and with a little extra hard work I can achieve my dreams also. As no one in my family is highly qualified. I want to do something that they will be proud of.

Anshika Awasthi-87.8%

Father’s name- Mr. Ravi Awasthi

Mother's name- Mrs. Rama Awasthi

I would like to thank my class teacher Jyoti Sharma ma'am, maths teacher Manish sir and science teacher Shivang sir and all other teachers helped me. My sister Pranjali Awasthi she also helped me very much. I want to become a doctor because I am very interested in Human Physiology and anatomy. One reason is also there for inspiring me to become a doctor, my Baba and Chacha. They both are also doctor and they both inspired me a lot. In my family, my baba and my mother are my biggest support. 

Ayushi Maurya- 82%

Father's name- Mr. Arun Kumar Maurya

Mother's name- Mrs.  Laxmi Maurya

I want to thank my principal Ma’am and all my teachers of Maths, Physics, English and Hindi because they all supported me throughout the year especially my maths teacher. He helped me in solving maths questions and my Physics teacher helped me in solving all my numerical. I also want to thank my tuition teacher Mr Navchetan Verma. He is very supportive and he inspired me a lot. My parents helped me very much they not only supported me but also motivated me throughout my preparations. I want to become a pediatrician because I love the children.There are so many underprivileged children who don't get better treatment only due to money problem. So I want to help them. That is why, I want to choose the field of pediatrics.

Ayushi Srivastava-80.33%

Father's name- Mr. Sanjay Srivastava

Mother's name- Mrs. Sunita Srivastava

I want to thank all my teachers especially my class teacher Jyoti ma’am. She helped me, guided me and motivated me throughout my preparation. I want to thank my father and mother because they both helped me very much in my studies. I want to become an engineer. My brother is also an engineer and he inspires me a lot and all the great architects around us inspire me very much to opt this career. I only did self study and I regularly studied for 5 to 6 hours daily.

Rahul Gupta-85.5%

Fathers name- Mr. Ashok Kumar Gupta

Mother’s name- Mrs. Renu Gupta

I would like to give the credit of my success to my parents and my class teacher Arvind sir, coaching teacher Kavita ma'am. I have been a very good student and so in class 10th I had to secure good marks as this is very important class for our career. I not only studied but also watched TV, played games but whenever I studied I did it with complete dedication. I believe you should have to present in class with brain and body both. I am very pleased with my family especially my mumma, my mama and my Mausi Ji. They fulfilled my all wishes and consoled me whenever I was in middle of thoughts. I had a good friend circle. We exchanged the notes also and studied together. My neighbours were also very Cooperative. They also supported me in understanding the life lessons. I want to do something for my parents and for everyone who has hope with me. My aim is to become an entrepreneur as India is second largest populated country in the world. India has only 1.9% export rate however export rate of China is 67%, so I want to go in the field of export-import. I want to do something for our nation 'India' as our Prime Minister and Chief Minister doing it well.

Animesh Kumar Chaudhary-81%

Father’s name- Mr. Keshav Kumar Chaudhary

Mother’s name-Mrs. Seema Chaudhary

I would like to share my success with all my teachers especially Jyoti ma'am, Shivam sir and Chhaya ma'am. They have helped me a lot. Our teachers really worked very hard with us and that's only the reason we have secured good marks. They had given us extra classes on every Sunday to clear our doubts. In my family, my Mumma, Papa, My Brother motivated me and showed me love during my exam time. My father trust me alot. He always said that I can do this and so It is needed to prove myself by scoring high. Since my childhood days, I have been interested in superheroes in movies who always work for their country's honour, so I want to go in Navy to serve the the nation.

Divyansh Gupta -83.8%

Father’s name-Mr. Rajendra Kumar Gupta

Mother’s name-Mrs. Chandrkanta Gupta

I would like to thank my class teacher Jyoti Sharma ma'am and my coaching teacher Amar Sir, English teacher Beena mam. They all really helped me a lot. They provided us extra classes for our weak subjects and also inspired us by giving proper guidance and motivation. I am also very thankful to my maths teacher Manish sir and Alok sir. In my family my sister Neetika taught me social science and my cousin Rudra Gupta taught me English subject and they both supported me round the year. I want to tell you that there is no need to study whole day. Give only 5 to 6 hours each day to your studies with full concentration, the score will automatically be created. I want to join Navy through NDA examination.

Rohit Kumawat -83.66%

Father's name- Mr. Jagdish Kumawat

Mother's name-Mrs. Laxmi Kumawat 

I want to thank my class teacher Jyoti Sharma Ma'am. She motivated me very much. The subjects I was weak in, she told me how to understand these concepts and provided me strategies on how I should manage my time. My coaching teacher Rukhsana ma'am, she taught me very well and cleared all my doubts in Science. In my family my parents supported me very much and both siblings motivated me alot. My father taught me how to study and also helped me in preparing my time table. My sister Jyoti helped me in science. I want to become a doctor from AIIMS. I want to provide my services for those under privileged people who cannot afford good medical facilities.

Devendra Agarwal-87.2%

Father's name- Mr Rajesh Agarwal

Mother's name -Mrs Vimlesh Agarwal 

I would like to thank my class teacher Jyoti Sharma ma'am. She has always helped me whenever there was any free period. She arranged classes for us so that we could learn something new. I want to thank Himanshi ma'am. In my family I am very grateful to my parents. I don't have the habit of waking up early, so my father used to wake me up and helped me in studying. I want to thank especially my brother Mayank Agarwal and his friend Vishal. My brother is from commerce so his friend helped me in my studies. I want to become an engineer. I love the machines and I always had an inclination towards engineering.