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Mount Berry inter college
admin 07 May 2018 Views 3042

Mount berry inter college is a blend of both educationand enthusiasm. It is one the best UP Board institution in LKO. Meritorious toppersof mount berry inter college are:

Musahiba Khan- 79%

Mother’s name- Mrs. Zahida Khan

Father’s name- Mr. Ubaidur Rahman

I am so glad to see my score. I am very thankful to mypapa, mummy. They motivated me and especially my appi , she helped me in biosubject. My maths was not good enough but my brother taught me very thoroughly.I would like to thank all my teachers especially Rajan sir. So by the combinedefforts of everyone I stood among the toppers. I want to become a doctor.  

Avika Kumari- 70.3%

Mother’s name- Mrs. Gangotri Devi

Father’s name- Mr. Grijesh Kumar

I give the credit of my success to myteachers especially Heena ma'am, Geeta ma'am and Sheela ma'am, my parents were also verysupportive and they encouraged me a lot. I constantly studied 1 to 2 hours dailywith full concentration. I want to become a doctor.

Ayesha Khatoon- 82%

Mother’s name- Mrs. Nasreen Khatoon

Father’s name- Mr. Mohd. Anas Khan

There is a reason behind every successfulstudent. Behind my journey my teachers and my parents are there. So I would liketo thank all of them. One thing I want to mention here more is my Geeta ma'am. Sheis a great personality. She supported me and encourage me like a mother, like afriend and like everything. So I am very grateful to her. I want to become adoctor which is my parent's dream so I will definitely fulfill it.

Deepa Bisht- 86.83%

Mother’s name- Mrs. Radha Bisht

Father’s name- Mr. Mohan Singh

My success credit goes to my parents and myteachers. My family guided me throughout the year and so I secured an unbeatable score. I studied regularly from day one of my 10th class so i achieved 86.83%. My aim is tojoin banking sector.

Almas Khan-74%

Mother’s name- Mrs. Ruhi Bano

Father’s name- Dr. Firoz Khan

I would like to thank my principal ma'amand my teachers. They taught me very passionately and encouraged methroughout the year. My parents are equally supportive and today where ever I amis only because of them. I want to score much better in inter. I want to become adoctor.

Suraj Bhatt- 82.9%

Mother’s name- Mrs. Manju Bhatt

Father’s name- Mr. Keshav Bhatt

I would like to thank my entire Mt. Berrystaff. They all are very supportive.I secured such marks only because ofInstitution. I studied 3 to 4 hours everyday and then did revision that was taught inclass. I want to do preparation for NDA.

Ali Akbar-69%

Mother’s name- Mrs. Halimun

Father’s name- Mr. Ali Ahmad

I would like to thank my teachers especiallyRajan sir. He is one of my favourite teachers in school. I did coaching and study myself at home also. I want to become a banker.

Vishal Singh-84.5%

Mother’s name- Mrs. Manju Singh

Father’s name- Mr. Anil Singh

I am seriously very thankful to my parents that theytook me here in Lucknow and made me study in Mt. Berry, such a fine institution. I had not got good marks in pre boards, not only my brother but also my teachers motivated me and raised my self confidence. School had givenus extra classes after school hours. I secured 95 marks in maths behind this myfriends support is also there. I want to become an engineer.