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Gurukul Academy
Admin 11 Jul 2018 Views 2217

Gurukul Academy is one of the best I.C.S.E/I.S.C institutes in Lucknow. This school provides its students a wonderful environment, and helps in overall development of students.

Toppers of Gurukul Academy are:

Prashashya Patel -98.8%

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Asha Devi

Father’s Name : Dr. Arun Prakash

I want to thank all my teachers who taught me since my childhood especially my class teacher Sushma ma’am. She taught us biology and cleared all our concepts. My maths teacher Abhijit Banerjee sir who was very supportive throughout the session. My chemistry teacher and history teacher Pankaj Awasthi sir was very supportive and cooperative. My principal ma’am Mrs. Kalpana Singh also gave us extra classes whenever we required and always gave extra support. I would like to thank my family, I was left alone and nobody disturbed me during my studies, they all were very Cooperative even they served me food on my bed. I want to crack IIT and want to become an engineer because I found myself very interested in electrical field. I want to do something good for our country.


 Akanksha Sharma – 97.8%

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Urmila Kumari

Father’s Name : Mr. Bimal Kumar

First of all I want to thank to my God because I prayed to god before every examination then obviously I want to thank my parents for putting me in such a great School. All teachers were very cooperative especially my science teacher Mr. Rakesh Yadav sir and my maths teacher Mr. Abhijeet Sir, my chemistry teacher AK Goyal Sir, my hindi teacher Seema ma’am they all were very cooperative I could ask for help any time of the day even in the Midnight, I could contact them and they cleared all my doubts. My parents have sacrificed a lot for me, they didn't go anywhere not even in the family marriages, they were with me in every hard moment of my life. I want to become an IAS officer because I want to serve my country. I also love writing poems.


Rushil Gupta – 96.4%

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Jyoti Gupta

Father’s Name : Mr. Rajesh Gupta

I would like to give the credit of my success to all my subject teachers especially our principal and Vice Principal. They made me serious about studies and motivated me a lot during examination. They told me about the importance of merit, once we got the driving force in us towards our studies we achieved such a good score. In my family, I want to thank my father and mother. My father helped me a lot in mathematics, I regularly did sums in maths for 1 hour at night that helped me a lot. My mother is also a teacher she taught me and guided me always. Firstly I want to get a degree from a reputed University and then I want to become a digital nomad which is a field of designing and programming.