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  • We started Schoolastro.com with a great vision. The main motive of  Schoolastro.com is to share best practices happening around the Globe, to prepare and encourage Educators to train other Educators, to spread education in its true spirit and to impart education up to the last strata of society. Education is a purposeful activity and by education, Our intention is to bring certain desirable changes in the students. Education is a conscious effort, as such, it has definite aims and objectives and in light of these aims, the curriculum is determined and the academic achievements of the student are measured. Without an objective, education is like a boat without its rudder. Aims give direction to activity and absence of an aim in education creates a blind alley. In every stage of development, humans have some objectives in their life and these objectives determine the aims of education. The objective of education changes with growing age, and it keeps on getting dynamic as the life evolves, so our aim at schoolastro is to provide best platform to nurture and to guide in the right direction during initial stage of this evolution.

Q1) What is Schoolastro?
Schoolastro is a web-based platform aiming to connect teachers who are school job & home tuition seekers with schools and parents across India.
Q2) How does the platform schoolastro work?
It’s very simple, really. All you need to do is:
  • Create your personal profile.
  • Select your class, subjects, location and salary.
  • Browse job opportunities like vacancy in schools, coaching or home tuitions and apply online.
  • Get interviewed by your potential employer (schools,coachings or parents).
  • Accept an offer letter.
  • Plan your joining.

Q3) Why should I have to complete my profile before I apply for a job?
Ans. T
o apply for a position, & get recognized, you need to provide all required information. But even if you have not completed your profile, you will still be able to browse available job openings.
Q4) Is
 It necessary to upgrade my Normal profile into Premium profile?
Since we recieve thousands of profiles each day for the same locations and same subjects, so to be recognized first we recommend you to have a premium profile.
Q5) Is there any way to search for jobs by type of schools?
Yes, you can browse a school by selecting a city and board.  





 • To make educational professionals recognized for the quality and excellence of their teaching, research, scholarship, service, outreach, and leadership.
 •  The integrated technology with the existing curriculum and to review it timely.
 •  To Develop passion and commitment among the educational fraternity.
 •  Develop cross-cultural programmes among the educational fraternity.
 •  To create quality education thereby enhancing the creativity, logical reasoning and other skills among teachers.
 •  To provide widely recognized leadership in the reformation of learning, teaching and the evaluation of educational consequence across the life span via research, scholarship, and technology.
Promoting a collaborative approach among schools, colleges, and other educational institutions.
 •  Ensuring effective management and allocation of human resources. Promoting a caring  & supportive environment among the various teaching faculties.
 To exchange imaginations, opinions, and experience across the globe and inculcate best practices among several educational institutions.



We strive to create outstanding organizations that promote educational excellence, character development and service to the community. In order to maintain social values while helping society in developing technology and morality by providing world-class standard education, thus bringing liberation in society through knowledge and wisdom. The vision of nurturing young people today, inspiring leaders tomorrow. Our vision is diverse. It covers ambitions, educational excellence, the leadership of social mobility systems and collaboration. We aim to: change the educational success of young people, schools and educational institutions, enhance the life opportunities of young people in social and economic discrimination - From all backgrounds - to help them achieve the highest level of education Career is a national leader, based on the strictness and high expectations designed to develop school standards, providing more choices for parents by giving them the opportunity to send their children to inspiring schools. Build confidence in ambition, Social movement and equality in the community that calls for change for a long time to create a diverse network of beliefs and schools that are not believers so that all children can access first-class education that promotes opportunities. For everyone Young people and inspiring leaders tomorrow Service Values - Being a responsible citizen in our community Teamwork - work together for excellence.
Ambition – Aspiring to be our best.
Respect – Treating others, we wish to be treated.
Priorities All our work is structured under three overarching priorities:
Educational excellence. Operational excellence. Work for Education.



 •  To prepare educational experts who are recognized for the quality and importance of teaching, research, scholarships, services, access and leadership.

 •  Integrate technology with the existing curriculum and to check it timely.

 •  Develop passion and commitment among the educational fraternity.

 •  Develop cross-cultural programmes among the educational fraternity.

 •  Promote quality education thereby enhancing the creative, logical, reasoning and other skills among teachers.

 •  Provide leadership that is widely accepted in the development of teaching and educational evaluation throughout life through research, scholarships and technology.

Promoting a collaborative approach among schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

 •  Ensuring effective management and allocation of human resources. Promoting a caring  & supportive environment among the various teaching faculties.

 •  To exchange ideas, opinions, and experience across the globe and to inculcate good practices among various educational institutions.



Educational excellence and integrity.
Outstanding teaching and service
Integration of teaching, research, and other services.
Collaboration and Leadership 



A literate and educated citizenry is vast for a democratic society.
A dynamic education system promotes a productive economy in a global environment.
Everyone is entitled to a high-quality education, grounded with sensitivity and integrity.
Educational improvement should be based on sound research, the application of theory as it relates to effective practice, policy development, and collaboration with practitioners.
Technology should be used to reform the merit of learning, teaching, research, scholarship, and outreach to the state, nation, and the world.
Interdisciplinary programs must be used to enlarge human learning, growth, & development across the life span.



We Connect Employer ( Schools, Coachings & Parents ) to the Employee ( Teacher & Home Tutors ) by giving a beautiful platform schoolastro.com on which Employer can drop their vacancy requirements and we immediately forward it to the Employee who are the actual Job Seekers.

We are creating a bridge between Educational Institutions and and the real Educators.


His Holiness the Dalai Lama

His Holiness the Dalai Lama



Our values determine what is most important to us and give us goals and directions. In living our objectives, we need existence that is consistent with our values. The purpose calls for a passion which is the driving force behind success. "
Throughout my career I saw many people, both inside and outside of education, climbing the ladder of success to the point where they discovered their stairs. They discovered that most of their time and energy Decreased because their goals were not consistent with values and objectives They were sabotaged by what they thought would be successful. But in reality, they really think of the price.
Being a provider of education that affects the lives of many students in a positive way, they must be willing to take risks and be willing to grow, increase capacity. Their strong desire to do the best for students is the center of their vision and they realize it by doing a great job with the little things. Good things happen. In seeking society for immediate gratification, sometimes patience is something that we, as educators, need to create humor for ourselves. It is an important element in the ability to reflect progress, identify possible trends and begin to plan strategies for the future. It opens the door to a long-term vision of what might look like. In my long-term vision for education, I hope to help students learn how to fight negative feelings and map patterns causing disasters in our society. But empowering them to see that they have the ability to be a new generation. The responsibility in their lives is to ensure that my students receive the best education that I can supply to school resources, parents and the wider community so that they can succeed in whatever area they choose.
This is my vision for education, my desire for students, my one-degree that makes a difference:


  1. Teachers will know their students - when teachers understand what motivates and attracts their students, they can see each student as a unique learner whose learning style can be used and supported to create Learning experience.
  2. Students will be questioned -The way students learn to interpret is to ask questions. Students will learn to create their own interpretation through questioning, making their own information. This will help students create knowledge and direct interpretation.
  3. Students will have knowledge -Students come to school with different forms of social and cultural capital that, when used in the context of the classroom, will enhance the learning environment for themselves and those around you.
  4. Students will be thinkers - students will be encouraged to connect between interpreting various information with their lives. If students are able to read, understand, interpret and associate stories with their lives, that student can understand the world around them more.
  5. Students will be communicators - which includes both written and spoken communication. Students learn how to write. Develop verbal communication through questions and answers, time and presentation and reading in various contexts. All of this prepares students to be rational thinkers, can bring ideas and make them their own or leave them.
  6. Students will receive principles - understand the moral obligations we have as human beings, be able to know right and wrong, and appreciate the actions that produce the consequences.
  7. Students will be open-minded thinkers - two important aspects of critical thinking are questioning and interpretation. When students are able to do these things freely, they can think, analyze and analyze anything.
  8. Students will have compassion - by encouraging students to look for each other, others in our community, and the world around them. Define the principles of service and parenthood.
  9. Students will be at risk. - Creating a safe and challenging classroom atmosphere is essential for students to feel able to think and express opinions freely. Making mistakes is not a problem because students know that they are not perfect and learn from important mistakes. Solving the problem is about the life skills that our students must have. The ability to think "out of the box" and not only do things that have been done before, because it is something to do together.
  10. Students are balanced - students who are balanced can understand the highs and lows of emotions and situations and can assess their importance and relevance.
  11. Students will ponder - when students become aware of the links that occur during class and their knowledge and experience, they will own this and consider how they can make use of real experiences.


Professional development is often an underserved resource that we have as educators to support our students and goals. Whenever teachers can learn about new theories and practices, they can become more effective teachers. The world of education is changing and our interconnections are increasing. The new theories and practices are constantly going on. If you don't learn these changes, we can't find anything that might be superior.In order to be a more effective teacher, we need to define ourselves that those superior theories and practices can be used for the benefit of our students as leaders in the future of our society.

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