Tips To Prepare For Board Examination

Tips To Prepare For Board Examination

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Follow These Tips and Score Your Best In Board Examination

Board examination is one the most important examination of a students life. Your marks gained in this examination helps you choose among various fields and build a career accordingly and show you where you stand among others.

More hardwork you put now will help you gain not only knowledge but also will help in reaching another level. Your score will help you select your preferred stream to study and your desired college as well.

Follow these guidelines in your daily schedule and increase your concentration level and your score.

1.    Make a time table:

This is one of the most common tip given by almost everybody to make a time table and study well. Now prepare a time table and start with your weaker sections first and make them stronger and then move towards less weaker subjects. Folloe your time timetable religiously and never ignore any topic that you think is not difficult enough. Give time to each and every subject.

2.    Prepare short notes :

Keep making short notes on every topic you study and revise them daily. It will help you to understand the topic well and save a lot of time by not reading whole chapter again.

Try making notes in a way they are simple and catchy. Write key points for all main topics and create flowcharts for better learning. You can use diagrams to hold information in your head and will be easily recalled wherever needed.

Create different mnemonics along with your notes and revise them every alternate day to make the information permanent.

Revision is the key to succeed. Don’t skip any topic from revision, and you are good to go.

3.    Practice previous year questions:

Practicing previous questions will help you boost your confidence. More questions you practice, more you will become fimilar to the pattern of questions and build more confidence.

It will help you in framing good answers and you can put all important information accordingly to gain good marks.

Solving previous question papers helps you get used to the board format of questions, and what amount of time you should spend on particular questions.

It will help you finish paper on time and make a review of what you answered.

4.    Clear your concepts:

While you study a topic in your class or at home try to understand what the topic is all about, understand its mechanism, its application and purpose. Do not mug up the topic as it won’t last longer and won’t fetch you good marks.

Understanding a topic well will help you frame a good answer and good marks.

5.    Group discussion:

Group study can help you tackle difficult areas and learn faster. Choose your group wisely and discuss all topics that you know it will help others who don’t get your topic, similarly other person can explain topics that you find difficult. Helping each other to understand better and creating different ways and methods to understand the same topics. Those areas that are difficult for you might be easier for your friend. They will share their notes on that particular section which may help you to understand better and you can do the same.

Follow these tips and prepare well for your examination, it will help you build confidence and score good marks.

Believe in yourself and start your preparation today and improve your performance and score better marks. Do not get disheartened by anything, push yourself hard and utilize all the time you have.

All The Best for your board exams