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St. Dominic is one of the best institute for students. It is a perfect blend of studies, sports and fun. St. Dominic helps its students shaping their overall personality. Toppers of St. Dominic Savio College are:

Udisha Sahai – 98%

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Vandana Srivastava

Father’s Name : Mr. Ritesh Srivastava

I mainly concentrated on my regular studies by taking breaks and then studying. I concentrated on subject matter rather than only learning the matter. I would like to give the credit of my success to my class teacher Princy ma’am because she gave me guidance, I didn't attend any coaching classes so she was the only guider to me, also she taught us moral science, my English teacher Ritu ma’am and my Hindi teacher Poonam ma’am. I want to thank my parents for supporting me morally. Especially I want to thank my grandfather because he is my strength and he is my teacher till now. My aim is to become a CA and for my backup I kept MBA as an option. I want to do CA because I want to show transparency in the financial accounting in any business firm.

Sanskar Agarwal – 96%

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Namita Agarwal

Father’s Name : Mr. Vijay Agarwal

I believe in doing quality study rather than quantity study. I studied only for 3 hours but I tried to gain the knowledge rather than studying excessively and having less knowledge. By god’s grace I was able to score good marks. I want to give the credit of my success to my maths teacher, my computer teacher Harsh sir he supported me a lot. I used to go to his house as well to get my doubts cleared, he always helped me in clearing my concepts. Harsh sir always had this faith in me that I would score a perfect 100 in maths and he used to say ‘you can do it’.  In my family I want to thank my parents for constantly supporting me and motivating me during my exams. They guided me during my pre board exams when I was heartbroken. I got only 75% in my pre boards I thought I will never be able to score above 95% in boards then my parents gave me moral support and said you can do it. I want to do IIT B.Tech engineering. Since my childhood I have always been interested in computers and Technology, so want to become an engineer.

Kush Chaturvedi – 96%

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Anita Chaturvedi

Father’s Name : Mr. Sanjay Chaturvedi

I used to do regular studies. I allotted time for each and every subject and studied according to my time table. I want to thank my class teacher Princy ma’am for always supporting me, my Hindi teacher Poonam ma’am and English teacher Ritu ma’am. In my family my parents have always been there for me, they have morally boosted me and encouraged me to score 95 above. I want to be an IIT graduate. I want to do engineering. It's my dream to become an engineer.