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Sherwood Academy is the finest institutions of I.C.S.E /I.S.C board. It provides a healthy studying environment to its students. Toppers of Sherwood Academy are:

Suryansh Rai – 85%

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Chanda Rai

Father’s Name: Mr. U.K. Rai

I want to thank my parents, they have always supported me and motivated me in my studies. All my teachers have been very supportive and always helped me whenever it was needed. My school teachers also taught me very well. I used to study at coaching institute and at home I did self study. I want to become an IAS officer. I want to serve my country.

Aditya Vardhan – 85%

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Purnima Verma

Father’s Name: Mr. S.P. Verma

Firstly I would like to thank my mother, she motivated me a lot. I have a little sister who always kept nagging me to study, though she is younger than I, still she was very supportive during my exams. I want to thank my school teachers, our computer teacher Satyendra sir and physical education teacher Sarvesh sir, also Kiran ma’am for her support. I used to do self study for about 3 hours daily. My coaching teachers also helped me along with my school teachers. I want to become a marine engineer. Everybody in my family is engineer and no one in marine engineering, I want to be the first in my family to be a marine engineer.

Mohd. Zaid – 82%

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Hasma Bano

Father’s Name: Mohd. Sagir

I would like to thank my teachers Sarvesh sir (taught physical education) and Satyendra sir (computer teacher). I also want to thank my family. My parents have always been very supportive. They always motivated me to work hard. I also want to thank my friend Aditya he was a great support and always helped me in study. I studied everyday for 1 to 2 hours on a regular basis, my father said study hard. I want to thank my mother for constantly supporting me and my brother Naaved, he helped me a lot. I want to do Hotel Management. My brother is also pursuing hotel management and he inspires me. It is an amazing field.