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Adnan Ahmed Khan - 86.2%

Mother's Name :Mrs. Asma Khatoon

Father's Name : Mr.Nizam Ahmed Khan

I worked very hard. I spend restless days. First I prepared those things which were difficult for me. I tried to learn all the subjects before February. First of all I want to dedicate my success to my principal sir because he encouraged us, supported us and provided us intelligent teachers. I also want to dedicate my success to my commerce teacher Shubansh sir because he not only gave suggestions or support to me in his subject but also he helped me in other subjects as well whether he taught them or not. I want to dedicate my success to my parents it is because of them that I am studying in such a great School. I also want to thank my sisters Uma Khatoon and Ifra Khatoon, they helped me very much in completing my school projects and encouraged me and motivated me during my exams. My aim is to become a chartered accountant. I want to calculate the profit and loss of my father's business.

Vaibhav Gupta - 82.1%

Mother's Name :Mrs. Anita Gupta

Father's Name :Late Mr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta

My strategy for studying was to make a proper time table and follow it regularly. I gave equal time to each and every subject and tried to learn them as soon as possible and I solved last 7 years paper. I want to dedicate my success to Rashmi Ma'am my english teacher and Anishika ma'am computer teacher, they always supported me and cleared all my concepts. I want to give the credit of my success to my mother. She always supported me and gave me everything that I ever needed. she provided me all books that were required and were very costly as well.  I want to become an IAS officer. It is my mother's dream to see me as an IASofficer. I want to be the first in my family to be an IAS officer and make my mother proud.

Anchal Saxena - 85%

Mother's Name :Mrs. Sunita Saxena

Father's Name : Mr.Anand Kumar Saxena

My strategy for examination was to set different targets for every week and complete them ontime. I used to solve as many sample papers as I could because I believe hardwork is the key to success. I want to dedicate my success to my parents, they encouraged me, helped me and guided me throughout the year and supported me in my studies. They helped me with my projects in school. I want to dedicate my success to principal sir and our headmaster sir, I want to thank Rukhsana ma'am. She helped me a lot in my studies, she also told me how to prepare for exams and beat the exams. she motivated me and lifted my level of confidence. My aim is to become a doctor because I have a strong interest in  medical profession. I want to help others by lightening their sufferings.

Hasan Mustafa - 82%

Mother's Name :Mrs. Faraha Asad

Father's Name : Mr.Asad Amir

I never over burdened myself with the stress about scoring good marks, I only focused on gaining knowledge which ultimately helped me to score good marks. I followed my timetable for studies and took regular intervals so that my brain could absorb all the information that I studied. I want to give the credit of my success to my chemistry teacher, he is a very good teacher. I want to thank my mother she always supported me and she has been my teacher since class 7th and brushed my fundamentals so clearly that I have a strong base which ultimately helped me in scoring good marks in my board exams. I want to become an astrophysicist because I am very much interested in heavenly bodies and there studies.