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R.K.SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL is one of the best institutions where students get a wonderful studying environment with a blend of both academic and sports activities. Here are the toppers of R.K. Senior secondary school.


Father’s Name: Mr. Satayender Singh

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Sadhna Singh

I want to thank Akansha ma’am she is my favourite teacher. She inspired me to score this much percentage. Once our principal ma’am said in class that we have to score above 90% and then akansha ma’am said only this girl can do this. She motivated me a lot. My parents have been very supportive throughout. I want to become a social worker. I want to provide education and empowerment to those less fortunate womens of our society.


Father’s Name: Mr. Sunder Singh

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Sarabjit Singh

This school is very nice and everyone is very supportive, our sports teacher Veer sir helped me a lot. I was a student who couldn't even run in ground. He not only encouraged me but also helped me in developing my personality. Earlier, I was in ICSE board, their sports were not given much preference but when I came in CBSE, I found sports is given equal weightage as academics. This school not only  helped me in improving my studies but also sports. I also became the sports captain. I want to thank god that he gave me such wonderful parents, they supported me,  motivated me, and guided me always. I want to become a CA as they all deal with taxation and I belong to a family of CA's so they inspire me for this field.


Father’s Name: Mr. R.S. Thomas

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Anuradha Thomas

I want to give the credit of my success to all my teachers who helped me every time. I want to thank Pooja ma'am our Geography teacher she was very helpful. My entire family was very supportive throughout my studies. I want to join civil services as it is the field that can get me in Administration Department and I can help the citizens of India.


Father’s Name: Mr. Ashok Kumar

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Indumati

The credit of my success goes to my teachers Akanksha ma'am, Ajit sir, Aditya sir, Diksha ma’am, Hema ma'am. I want to thank my parents for their constant support and my friends who always helped me. I want to become an IAS officer I want to help the poor people of our country and want to do something for them.



Father’s Name: Mr. Mahesh Chandra Tiwari

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Deepa Tiwari

 I want to show my gratitude towards my class teacher Aditya sir and my subject teachers of Physics Diksha ma’am and Akanksha ma'am. They supported us throughout the year. Aditya sir helped me in accounts very much. He cleared all my doubts and queries. I want to thank my classmate Gaurav Khurwar he helped me in accounts throughout the year. I personally believe that while studying you should practice all illustrations as it helps a lot in understanding the topic and clearing all our doubts. I would like to thank my elder brother Ankit Tiwari, he helped me in clearing my doubts regarding English and physical Education. My dream is to do Hotel Management and become a chef. To make a new Dish is a very interesting task. My mother is my inspiration, she is an amazing cook.


Father’s Name: Mr. Arun Kumar Singh

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Girja Devi

I want thank my computer teacher Ayushi ma'am and accounts teacher Aditya sir they both supported me very much. In my family, my father was very supportive. I usually studied at night and I preferred self study only. I want to become an Army Officer. My father is also an army officer, he is my true inspiration.


Father’s Name: Mr. D.B. Srivastava

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Sangeeta Srivastava

I want to thank Aditya sir he has helped me a lot. I want to thank my friends Amit tiwari, Urvashi Singh and Gaurav Khurwar. In mid-session, when I got depressed, they all motivated me and helped me to focus on my studies. In my family, my mother supported me very much. The biggest turning point of my life was when my father stopped talking to me, I was very hurt so I started studying and got good marks. I want to become an entrepreneur so that I can help the poor people of India and help in removing poverty.


Father’s Name: Mr. Sanjay Srivastava

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Rajni Srivastava

I want to thank my principal ma’am and all my teachers they have helped me a lot. Whenever I needed anything, my teachers were always there. They all supported me with love and care. As I can’t read any reference book and make notes, I needed audio books to understand and learn them. I used to download pdf files and convert them into audio and then study. My parents are very supportive, I asked them to put me in a normal school and not a school for blinds. My father agreed and brought me here and teachers of this school were equally supportive. I want to become an IAS officer and do work for the development of India and its citizens as well. I want to do something for the children with disability so that they can feel they are equal as well and their disability is not going to stop them. I want to provide education to poor children who don’t have any sort of facilities available to them.