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Success story of Red Rose Senior Secondary school. Toppers of the school are:

Shaisha Parveen – 96.4%

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Humayre Khatoon

Father’s Name : Mr. Niyaz Ahmed

First of all I want to thank my principal ma’am and coordinator sir who supported me and guided me throughout the examination. I want to thank my parents who provided me every possible facility that I needed and always supported me and motivated me during exams. I studied regularly and followed the NCERT books. I want to thank Garima ma’am my science teacher who told me how to study the NCERT books and Tanveer ma’am. She used to give us questions regularly which helped to understand each and every type of information regarding the topic. I want to become a doctor. I want to help the poor and needy ones and provide them proper treatment.


Prakhar Tiwari - 95.8%

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Lovlesh Tiwari

Father’s Name : Mr. Ramesh Chandra Tiwari

It is a great feeling to be here today. I want to thank my principal and all the teachers who have always been there to help me and guide me during my exams. It is because of them that I was able to perform so well in my examinations and score good marks. It was all my teachers' efforts and hard work due to which I am standing today to convey my success story to the schoolastro. My science teacher Garima ma’am, social science teacher Tanveer mam they both have constantly helped me very much. They had provided me worksheets, they had told me how to prepare from NCERT and told how it should be decoded and how to follow it to achieve maximum score. My maths teacher Dileep sir helped us in practicing a lot of  maths questions to clear our concepts. I want to dedicate my success to my mother, she is the one who woke me up in the morning at 5 a.m. then I used to study. I used to study 7 to 8 hours daily. I want to become a petroleum engineer. I have chosen science because I want to go in the field of Engineering and when I heard about petroleum engineering course it was very interesting and extraordinary that's why I want to become a petroleum engineer.


Kapil Srivastava - 94.6%

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Anju Srivastava

Father’s Name : Mr. Kunwar Bahadur

First of all I want to thank God, then my teachers and my principal they have always supported me and encourage me. I want to thank Garima ma’am, Tanveer ma’am, Shobha ma’am and Vikrant Sir. All my teachers have been very Cooperative and encouraged and guided me. Dileep Shukla Sir my maths teacher he had helped me in maths very much. I want to thank my parents and my brother, whenever I got less marks they always encouraged me to never lose heart and do better the next time. I studied on a regular basis for 1 to 2 hours throughout the year. I want to become a chartered accountant that's why I chose the field of Commerce. I have a lot of interest in the field of CA. It is my dream to become a CA.