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R.K.Senior Secondary School
Admin 30 May 2018 Views 2902

R.K.SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL is one of the best CBSE institutions where students get a wonderful studying environment with a blend of both academic and sports activities. Here are the toppers of R.K. Senior secondary school.


Father’s Name: Mr. Atul Saxena

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Anshu Saxena

Firstly I would like to thank all my teachers who have been very supportive throughout my journey. My class teacher Aditya sir, my subject teachers Akansha ma’am, Ajit sir, Pallavi ma’am, Veer sir were very supportive. I obviously want to thank my parents they have been very supportive and guided me for the best throughout. My friends, my entire group have been very caring, my friends Sonali, Raksha, Urvashi, Babli, Jyoti they all supported me throughout my studies, making projects and everything and we did a lot of fun together. My aim is to become a corporate lawyer. For that I will persue the integrated course i.e BBA LLB. I have been brought up in a family of lawyers. My father, my grandfather and cousin grandmother are also in the same field. I have seen the entire scenario throughout and I have a certain inclination towards this field. I think I can do a lot better by entering into this field and put some example before the society.


Father’s Name: Mr. Promod Bajpai

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Pushpa Bajpai

I want to thank my class teacher Pooja ma’am, she supported and guided me very much. She suggested me to check topper's answer sheets to get an idea of how to write and attempt paper. Mamta ma’am also helped me a lot. She corrected all my mistakes and never compared us among students. Earlier when I was in class 6th I faced comparison with others and it made me depressed but then in class 7th Mamta ma’am came and it became the turning point of my life. She always asked me questions in class and encouraged me so much that eventually I started becoming better and better. In my family my parents were very supportive and they never forced me to do anything. My father allowed me to take which ever subject I wanted to choosehe. He just wanted me to be happy. I want to become a fashion designer. Since my childhood I love dresses, and I love drawing and sketching. I like experimenting with different colors. My inspiration is my mother she is also a designer. I once designed a dress and luckily it was shown at Dubai Fashion Week and it was appreciated by many, since then fashion designing became my passion.


Father’s Name: Mr. Narendra Singh Bisht

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Manju Bisht

I would like to thank Aditya sir, Diksha ma’am, Vinay sir and Ayushi ma’am for providing their guidance, Veer sir for guiding me in physical education field. My parents supported me throughout and my brother (Naman Singh Bisht) he helped me in computers. I want to make my parents even more proud of me. I want to give them back as much as I can for all their love and support. I think it is best to study through notes and regular revision is must. Self study is the best way to study. I want to become Chartered Accountant. I have a lot interest in commerce and that’s why I choose to become a CA.


Father’s Name: Mr. Gopal Mohan Kulshrestha

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Rajni Kulshreshta

I want to give the entire credit to my school as well as all my teachers, my friends and my guardians as well. The reason behind my score is my school teachers they have been very supportive and always motivated us. My teachers Manoj sir our chemistry teacher, Tiwari sir our maths teacher and Sandeep Shukla sir our physics teacher they all were amazing teachers. They cleared all our doubts and fully explained the concepts so there were no queries left. They all motivated me very much. The turning point in my life was in class 11th when I came in this school and all my teachers were very supportive and guided me throughout and ultimately my whole perspective changed for good and my priorities changed and I became sincere towards my studies. I want to qualify JEE Mains and advance and do B.tech. I want to  become an engineer and open up a startup. I want to open a restaurant. I want to remove illiteracy from society. I want to make people literate and knowledgeable so that they can enhance their standard of living. My motive is to do something to make India a developed country.


Father’s Name: Mr. Nilesh Kumar Mishra

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Sunita Mishra

I want to give the credit of my success to my teachers, my parents, and my friends. Among my teachers Sandeep sir and Tiwari sir helped me very much they always supported me. In my family my parents and my elder brother supported me motivated me a lot. I always preferred self study. My aim is to become a professional video editor and EDM producer. EDM producer Marshmallow is my  biggest inspiration.


Father’s Name: Mr. Manoj Khurwar

Mother’s Name:Mrs. Anju Khurwar

I am very thankful to my teachers especially my accountancy teacher Aditya sir and business studies teacher Diksha ma’am they helped me at every point. I want to thank my parents they never forced me to get good marks and always motivated me. I want to become a photographer. Whenever I see a camera I feel an attachment to it. As most people think photography is not a good field, so I want to show my talent and want to prove that I is as good as any other government job.


Father’s Name: Mr. Hemant Kumar

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Pushplata Devi

I want thank my principal ma’am, Tiwari sir and my friends. Our principal ma’am gave motivational classes in every week to encourage us about how to study, how to manage our time and Tiwari sir taught how to bring all these tips in process and gain maximum advantage of it. I want to thank my parents they supported me throughout. According to me all subjects should be given equal time and self study is best. I want to become a software engineer. As in coming time, it is all about being digital and as a youngster I want to do something for India which will help our country to move forward.