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Mount berry inter college is blend of both education and enthusiasm. Its one of the best up board institutes in lko. Meritorious toppers of mount berry inter college are: 

Piyush Kumar- 89%

Mother’s name- Mrs. Kiran Devi

Father’s name- Mr. Sanjay Kumar

I would like to thank my family for supporting me in preparationdays. All teachers helped me a lot especially Reeta ma’am. I nicely followed my teacherssayings and worked hard over that. It was a nice journey. I enjoyed a lot. Infuture I want to crack IIT and become an engineer.

Mohd Asif -83%

Mother’s name- Mrs. Parveen Bano

Father’s name Mr. Israr Ali

I am very grateful to my parents and all my teachers especiallymy favourite Heena ma’am she had supported me throughout the year, only becauseof her I secured 83%

Rayyan Ahmad-84.12%

Mother’s name- Mrs. Asifa Khatoon

Father’s name- Mr. Afaq Ahmad

I would like to thank my family and my friends. They all helpedme and never let me felt demoralized. I am very grateful to my teachersespecially Heena ma’am and my school. My dream is to become merchant navyofficer. I will secure more marks in 12th                                

Ishika Gupta-76%

Mother’s name- Mrs. Pushpa Gupta

Father’s name- Late Mr. Raj Kumar Gupta

I would like to thank my sister who made me think larger andachieve higher. I always prefer hardwork because I believe hard work has no alternative.I love drawing, sketching and painting. My key to success is punctuality andproper revision. My aim is to become a doctor.

Samreen Shakeel- 75%

Mother's name- Mrs. Yasmeen Bano

Father's name- Mr. Shakeel Ahmad

I am very thankful to my mother, father, brother and sisterevery person had equally supported me, without their help and guidance itwouldn't have been possible. Mydream is to become a banker.

Kajal Kashyap-80%

Mother's name- Mrs. Rinku Kashyap

Father's name- Mr. Ranjan Kashyap

I am very thankful to my teachers, my parents they haveencouraged me so much and are the backbone of my success. Their love andsupport made me achieve such ahigh score. My regular study and regular revision helped me alot. My dream isto become a CA.