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Success story of Lal Bagh Inter College. It is one of the oldest institutions that provides a quality education to its students.  Toppers of the school are:

Santosh Maurya – 81.6%

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Ramawati Maurya

Father’s Name : Mr. Ram Prasad Maurya

My strategy for exam was to prepare proper notes and revise them regularly. Whatever the teacher taught in the class, very first I used to go home and revise that topic to understand it completely, which was very helpful in correcting my weak points. I want to give the credit of my success to my Physics teacher S. Dean ma’am and maths teacher, they have supported me and encourage me very much. My English teacher Samantha ma’am, she always helped me. I also want to thank my family. My parents have been very supportive. Especially, I want to give the credit to my brother Rahul Maurya he not only taught me during my exams but also helped me in choosing my subjects and was always there when I needed help. My aim is to become an IPS officer. I want to serve my country.

Nimra Arshi Fatima – 81.5%

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Azra Afaq

Father’s Name : Mr. Afaq Ali Ansari

I attended all the classes of every subject and tried to follow all the important points and made notes of whatever was taught by the teachers. I studied 7 to 8 hours in a day during my examinations. I took proper food and sleep so that I could give my exams properly. I want to give the credit of my success to my hindi ma’am Z. Bano ma’am and  my class teacher S. Dean ma’am, my English teacher S. Singh ma’am and my home science teacher D. Tiwari ma’am and all other teachers who supported me. I want to thank my parents a lot because they have always helped me and supported me. I want to become a teacher because it is a very respectable profession. Teachers provide a very great deal of knowledge to students and show the path of success to the students.


Aiman Afaq – 80.3%

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Shabana Afaq

Father’s Name : Mr. Afaq Ahmad

The strategy for my exam was to divide my time accordingly and give every subject equal time. For me maths is one of the most difficult subjects, so I gave maths extra time. I want to give the credit of my success to my parents and my brother and sister they have helped me and encouraged me very much and supported me during my exams. It is because of them that I was able to achieve such good score. I want to dedicate my success to my teachers’, my class teacher and my Physics teacher S. Dean ma’am, from very first day I am influenced by ma’am, the way she taught in class, the way she guided all students was commendable. She is my biggest inspiration. My maths and science were not very strong when I was in lower classes but I worked very hard on the subjects because I want to become an engineer.  As it is a very creative field.