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A child is the most innocent mind around us and is filled with happiness even by the smallest of efforts but what happens when that child goes to the outer world filled with various opportunities and dangers as well?
What do we do to our kids?

In this age of high competition and performance the inner beauty, Innocence and creativity is getting lost. Our youngest generation is facing the most cruel era of being fake, being the social media expert and creating ways good or bad just to remain popular. Nowadays people of all age group take life as a showbiz that needs to be maintained on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all the social media apps take away the real content of our lives and replace it with superfluous pictures and edited videos to create a hike among the group they share. They even present their fake enjoyable lifestyles all over the internet displaying the amount of high standard of living to the world.

All the superfluous standards created in the society and the race of being the best among all, creates pressure on everyone and directly or indirectly this pressure is transferred to the younger generation.
We all know the fact about kids that they have mind like clay and we can mold it as we want by nurturing and caring, still they are pressured with heavy loads of books and overburdened curriculum at this young age. Above all the fact, we also fail to provide them best teachers to help them learn and enhance their skills. Even parents of today encourage their children to be bookworms and ace in all exams academically. They have themselves forgotten the importance of being creative and enjoying the golden years of schooling without any fear of acing exams.

This increasing pressure is some times so hard that young kids of school take the harshest step of ending their life.

Dear parents it's a humble request from us, that never trap a child in a cage of marks, percentage and high performance. Let the little mind fly into the world of infinite wonders and learn from those little wonders and experiences to be a better human and become one of the greatest mind and explode the impossible.

Watching such sever condition of students make our heart go chill that what will happen to the next upcoming generations. To tackle these problems and help students with a little extra guidance and support to feel a little less burdened, we came up with an easy online portal to make the life of students as well as their parents a little easier.

NaviPriyaAstro Private Limited started a venture by the name and brought this amazing platform for students to come and connect and find solutions to their problems. They can ask questions about studying particular topics for choosing subjects after 10th or seeking any help to choose which direction they should select after schooling. How many careers are available that they can pursue or simply get motivated to achieve excellence. Schoolastro also helps young parents who are busy in their jobs to find an ideal school for their beloved child. They can analyse from the largest collection of schools and select the school according to their child's need. Our platform also rewards the success of students who aced in their Board examinations and provide them a writing portal where they can unleashed their writing skills and show their talent to the world.

In this perplexed world of marks, percentage, high standard of living and fake attitude, SchoolAstro gives a hope and an insight to all to see what education truly provides if accepted as a blessing and not merely a hectic pressure to showoff.
See the true goodness And Wonders of education with SchoolAstro and find infinite opportunities to create a fabulous future.

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