Important questions for Application Of Percentage

Important questions for Application Of Percentage

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Important questions

                                              Applications of Percentage

Class VIII

Q1) Shaji, who is working as an officer for his company, was given an increase in his monthly salary from Rs 30,000 to Rs 36,000. Rekha, who is working for another company, got an increase of 20% in her monthly salary. Who got a higher increment?

Q2) The population of a village when increased by 15%, becomes 19320. What was the original population?

Q3) During the last 5 years, the population of a town that had 12,00,000 people increased by 15%. What is the present population of the town?

Q4) Find the percentage increase/decrease

a) 7200 to 6300, b) Rs 2500 to Rs 3750

Q5) Rajan got 45% marks  in the first paper and 70% in the second paper. How much per cent should he get in the third paper so as to get 60% as overall score?

Q6) Oranges were bought at Rs 36 per dozen and sold at the rate of Rs 40 per 10. Find the gain or loss %.

Q7) The CP of 11 pencils is equal to the SP of 10 pencils. Find the loss/gain %.

Q8) Aman had to sell his television at a loss of 12%. If the SP was Rs 7040, what was its CP?

Q9) Sanjay sold his old dinning table at a loss of 20%. If he sold it for Rs 800 more, he would have received a profit of 5%. Find the CP.

Q10) Raman sells two shirts for Rs 1200 each. On one shirt, he gains 20% and on the other he loses 20%. What are the CP of each, and what is his total gain/loss %.

Q11) A fruit vendor buys oranges at the rate of 5 for Rs 40 and sells them at Rs 9 per orange. Find his gain percent.





Q12) A bookshop owner purchased 100 notebooks for Rs 15 each. However, 5 notebooks had to be thrown away as a few pages were torn from them. The remaining notebooks were sold at Rs 18 each. Find the gain or loss per cent.

Q13) The price marked on a book is Rs 450. The shopkeeper gives 20% discount on it in a book exhibition. What is the SP?

Q14) A shopkeeper announced a festival discount of 30% for all the items in his shop. Jagdish bought a mobile phone for himself. He got a discount of Rs 960. What was the list price of the mobile phone?

Q15) A shopkeeper has marked one article 50% above the CP. Then he announced a discount of 20% on the article. Find the SP, the profit, the profit percent after the discount if the original CP of the article was Rs 750.

Q16) A trader marks his goods 40% above the CP. He sells them at a discount of 20%. What is his loss or gain percent?

Q17) A television set was sold for Rs 5760 after giving successive discount of 10% and 20%, respectively. What the marked price?

Q18) A shopkeeper was selling all his items at 20% discount. During the off season, he offered 25% discount over and above the existing discount. If Rohit bought a pullover which was marked Rs 1200, how much did he pay for it?

Q19) After spending Rs 75,000 for remodeling a house, Sania sold the house at a profit of 20%. If the SP was Rs 36,00,000, how much did she spend to buy the house?


Q20)  Find MP, if SP= Rs 4250, discount= 15%