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In this high moving society and rat racing competitions there are still so many unfortunate who dream to sit on those benches of high class schools and eager gain the knowledge spread by elites.


A while ago I saw a child starring at the blackboard from outside the window. In curiosity I followed the child and asked why are you staring when you can join in. The child laughed and replied education is only for elite , I don't fit in. I wondered why does that child think that education is not everyone's right. I decided to understand the psychology of the poor students so I went to a few rural places where even government schools are vacant and nobody goes there.

I wondered why the school was closed so I went to the Basic Shiksha Bhavan and inquired about it. The officials informed me no student ever willed to join school for long time, we waited and asked locals to send their children but they also denied by saying studying in such schools won't make our life good and ultimately our children will do what we do, so it is a waste of their time.

So after all revelation I met some kids and asked about education and they simply replied ‘’Big schools don't even allow us to come even at the front gate, they push us away every time’’.

Why is this gap coming?

Students want to study and yet schools are not getting admissions.

How should we built this gap of miscommunication, parents of all these children think education is only for rich and they have ultimately transferred their thinking to their children.


We live in the age of golden century where we have the opportunity to look up the people who made it big with government schooling only.

Today people have the tendency to think that government schools are not worth enough to study, but let me remind you of those great personalities that didn't even had the opportunity to enter inside a government school as well.


Dr. B.R. Ambedkar is one of the greatest Economist and known as the father of Modern India, the one who drafted the Constitution of India was not allowed to enter school premises because of being from a socially backward class. But his will of studying created ways for him to gain basic education. He studied from outside the window, and under the tree and gave his entire focus on learning. His knowledge was increased by every book he studied and eventually he became what we know today ‘’The father of Indian constitution’’.

Our history is filled with the examples of such great peoples and we should learn from them that merely getting the basic education is enough to give us wings. Once we are capable enough to understand, there are many sources including books, internet, etc that can provide us required knowledge about the universe or the field we enjoy to study.

All we  need is WILL to study and for that we need to change the thinking of our society.

To gain knowledge we don't require luxurious rooms and technology based made classes even a MAT is enough to give you great opportunities to succeed in life.