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Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Mechanics

Part 2

By- DC Pandey

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“IIT JEE is just too hard to crack”, is a prevalent delusion amongst the aspirants. Facing a competition
from about 15 lac aspirants is definitely not easy but believable through carefully tested strategies,
different time management and realistic expectations.
Understanding Physics series by DC Pandey, explains all phenomena’s through, reasons from principles,
rather than by analogy and usually that reason is Physics.
Mechanics Volume 2, second of the five best sellers on Physics for JEE Main and Advanced continues to
cover the most significant parts of the syllabus by marks in an effective and understandable way.
Without deviating to superficialities the book examines fundamental concepts of Mechanics in 16
chapters. In each chapter, exposition of the subject matter is kept simple but effective to strategically
strengthen concepts as well as their applications to Problem-Solving.
Complete theory, series of solved and unsolved examples in varied situations final touch points for exam,
and previous 5 Years’ JEE Main and Advanced Questions make the book must have for all those desiring to
be firm-footed in the subject.
Table of Contents
Centre of Mass, Linear Momentum and Collision, Rotational Mechanics, Gravitation, Simple Harmonic
Motion, Elasticity, Fluid Mechanics
Hints and Solutions
JEE Main and Advanced Previous Years’ Questions (2017-13)

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