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CBSE All In One Science

Paperback – 2019

By- Arihant Experts

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With the regular advancement in the level of academic competition, complete and confidant exam preparedness doesn't come from school textbooks only. Serving as comprehensive study guides for all subjects of CBSE Class 6th to 12th, Arihant’s “all in One” has been the first choice among students and teachers for excellent academic results. “All in One Science” for CBSE Class IX has been revised carefully and consciously to provide the best explanation and guidance to help students qualify their exams with flying colors. The complete syllabus is divided into all 15 chapters covering NCERT theory in easy to understand language supported by worked out examples, figures, graphs, etc. It includes NCERT and NCERT exemplars questions, exam questions and other important questions such as VSA, LA, SA & HOTS. Furthermore, it provides check points and br>Chapter exercises with each br>Chapter, Periodic tests and 5 Sample questions papers. Besides this, it facilitates state wise NTSE questions 2018-19 stage I, and Junior Science Olympiad Chapter wise questions (2018-14) which are newly added in this latest edition. Last but not the least, it also gives online Support for access to mind Maps, NCERT activities, coloured figures, video etc. Toc face to face with all in One, how to attempt the examination Paper?, course structure, matter in our surroundings, is matter around us pure?, Atoms and molecules, structure of the Atom, the fundamental br>Unit of life, tissues, diversity in Living Organisms, motion, force and laws of Motion, Gravitation, work and Energy, sound, why do we fall ill?, natural resources, improvement in food resources, experiments, Periodic tests, Sample questions papers (1-5), state wise NTSE questions (2018-19) stage I, Junior Science Olympiad Chapter wise questions (2018-14).

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